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About the Carnival & it's History

Mold Carnival, a fantastic day with something for everyone, bringing the whole community of Mold and the surrounding areas together for a spectacular FREE family day. Mold Carnival is an annual event organised by a small group of dedicated volunteers who strive to keep the carnival free entry for all, relying on the generosity of local businesses to make this possible. Over the years the Carnival has grown, taking over Mold town and providing all that attend with a Carnival fun and entertainment with much to see and do. 


The History of the Carnival itself stretches back to the late 1800s. The first newspaper reference to the Mold Carnival is from way back in 1895, held on Bailey Hill with proceeds going to the Ancient Order of Foresters. The Carnival was held on 20th July 1895 (Bank Holiday), and described in a local newspaper advert as 'MOLD CARNIVAL - GREATEST FETE EVER HELD IN THE DISTRICT', listing such attractions as 'LEINO' The flying Trapezist, The Gymnastic Wonder 'SIGNOR ROVOLLO' and The Marvellous Conjurer 'PROFESSOR CRANNIO'. As well as the listed attractions, the advert included admission prices (11 a.m to 2 p.m would cost 2 shillings & from 2 p.m to 9 p.m would cost 1 shilling), and Train times from Mold to other local stations (Mold had a rather grand train station back then which had two platforms, opening in 1849, and then the station closing to passengers in 1962, and completely in 1964 - The site is now occupied by a major Supermarket/carpark and access road). The day is recorded as being 'Bathed in glorious sunshine' until shortly after 4.30 p.m however, two drenching showers desended, and apart from a couple of hours of fine weather from that point, rain fell relentlessly until midnight. Due to the weather conditions experienced that afternoon there were only a moderate attendance on Bailey Hill, with the gate money at the end of the day amounting to £86.


The next recorded date found for the Carnival is in September 1904, in which the secretary of the Mold Cycle Carnival applied for the free use of the Bailey Hill and the Town Hall on the occasion of a Cycle Carnival to be held on the 29th September in aid of the Mold Cottage Hospital. The question was raised as to the right of the Council to allow the use of the Bailey Hill for an occasion upon which a charge for admission would be made, and so it was decided that free use would be granted up until 1 p.m and usual fees be demanded for the use of the Town Hall in the evening. Various attractions and Competitions filled the day including music supplied by the Royal Buckley Town Prize Band, Best decorated Bicycle competition, Riders on horseback, all followed as what is described as the Procession of gigantic proportions, paraded the principal streets, with its salient features being six brass bands, three fire brigades, and exhibits from Mold, Chester, Wrexham and Denbigh. At the close of the procession the public congregated at the Black Lion Hotel (which later became the old Woolworths store), where dancing took place to music supplied by the Brymbo Steel Works Prize Bank. On this day it is recorded that takings for the Carnival to be about £68, and after putting aside an amount for the following years show, £25 was handed over to the Mold Cottage Hospital Fund. 


Throughout the early years, the Mold Cycle Carnival continued to contribute to the Cottage Hospital, and in turn develop and progress the Carnival into what it has become today. Varied events and competitions have been held, such as in 1906, proceedings commenced at 2 p.m with a 20 mile walking match through Queensferry and Flint, whilst in 1908, the most interesting feature of the afternoon programme was an exhibition of tent-pegging by members of the Denbighshire Hussars Yeomantry. With regards to the Mold Cottage Hospital, contributions and support grew considerably - in 1907, due to the growth of the Carnival, the proceeds that year were divided between the Mold Cottage Hospital and the Mold District Nursing Association, and in 1910, as a result of the donations recieved by the Carnival, the Cottage Hospital erected the aptly named 'Mold Carnival Ward' - which was attached to the Cottage Hospital.


The Carnival has continued to grow in both size and support over the years leading to present day. With a number of years missed along the way due to weather conditions and lack of finance, it is a tradition that we, the Community of Mold are proud of, and hope that everyone, be it performers, entertainers and visitors, continue to come to Mold year after year to make Mold Carnival - the GREATEST CARNIVAL EVER HELD IN THE DISTRICT.


If you wish to help us to continue to put on this fantastic free event for the community by considering sponsoring some aspects of the carnival, please email: to discuss sponsorship opportunities further.


Credit to David Rowe (local Historian) for assistance with research into the History of Mold Carnival.

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