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Jay James, X Factor 2014 Finalist

'I absolutely adored Mold & its Carnival! Amazing people and an amazingly wonderful place, genuinely, easily one of my favourite visits of last year!

I was completely taken back with both the talent of the young performers, the warmth and hospitality of my welcome and even more so by the organisation/set up and dedication to develop and showcase young talent. Absolute love & congratulations to Jane, all the team and Mold for producing such a wonderful family day and event. Fell in love, more places should take note.'

Mark Byron, 2015 Big Brother UK Housemate and TV Presenter

I had the most amazing time at Mold carnival. It was the first time I've ever visited the town and I was so overwhelmed with how lovely and welcoming everybody was. It was an honour to walk in the parade and see everybody so excited.
All of the events and performances on the day were absolutely next level! It is really amazing to see a town all pull together for such a fantastic day!
My personal favourite part of the day was Molds Got Talent and wow Mold really does have talent!!
I would love to come back again for Mold carnival 2016!

Gabz, Britain's Got Talent 2013 Finalist

I had an incredible day at Mold Carnival. I had so much fun being in my first parade and seeing everybody involved in it. 

It was a right laugh watching the mascot race, one of the highlights of the day! I loved performing especially after having the opportunity to meet some of the lovely and friendly people of Mold who were watching. 

Then I had the pleasure of helping to judge ‘Molds Got Talent’ which was so cool as everyone was crazy talented! All the stands and rides were so much fun and overall the day had such a happy atmosphere.

Vangelis Polydorou, The Voice, Series 5

I had such an amazing time performing at Mold Carnival last year. They put on a great show full of wonderful acts, and everyone was so nice and accommodating.

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